Artist Bio

Fay is a self taught artist who specializes in watercolor illustrations and portraiture. Raised in the Greater Seattle Area and currently based in the San Francisco Bay Area to pursue her journey in art. Her style is strongly influenced by Art Nouveau and themes of surrealism that are inspired by an unconventional understanding of eroticism. She's mystified by sentient connection, observations of intimacy, and human expression.


Iuhli means nothing in any text.
In the same way many of us name our children apart from our own birth names. Giving the process a name is a way of giving it life as something more than just a creation. Although the work is sometimes very personal, it's a fraction of the artist; beyond being simply a 'body of work'. It's focus is to shed and share fragments of the creators pneuma with others and melt in unspoken understandings of the exchange.


Art is a language as much as any other dialect. There is no obvious purpose for making art and creating these concepts. But the lack of explanation for this calling does not remove the desire to continue to create and express personal experiences. Where words fail, imagery can penetrate the mind with imagination, curiosity and kinship. It's this very belief that fuels the aspiration to exude beauty through visual voice by opening a space for the viewer to interpret, hopefully, something familiar. something warm.

and maybe,
we just love the small pieces of ourselves that we find in others
— william c. hannan